Interview With Tow Truck Ireland , Dublin Towing Company


We talk to Andrew from, a Dublin towing company, to learn more about the car recovery business in this interview. Andrew discusses what the company has to offer Irish motorists, as well as his background in specialized historic car transportation and what he enjoys most about assisting people on the road. Please continue reading for expert advise on how to keep safe on the side of the road if you suffer a car breakdown!


For many years, Tow Truck Ireland has been serving and winning the trust of the Dublin community. We only use highly qualified tow truck drivers and the most up-to-date equipment as a recognized towing, recovery, and roadside assistance service company in Dublin. We are one of Dublin’s most trusted towing businesses because of our reasonable rates and high-quality service. for information Visit Website.

1- Could you tell me about yourself and what you do?

Tow Truck Ireland is a Dublin-based car breakdown recovery and towing company. For cars and light commercial vehicles, we provide prompt and professional help. We also provide roadside assistance, flat battery jump starts, on-the-spot battery replacement, scrap car disposal, nationwide towing service, and nationwide car transportation to our customers. We are a fully insured and recognized towing company that accepts all forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, phone payments, checks, and bank transfers. A VAT invoice is also available. We are proud of our truck fleet, which is well-maintained and available for call-outs throughout Ireland.

2- How did you get your start in the automotive towing and recovery car?

After a few years as a driver for a towing and recovery company, I decided to start my own business.

3- In what locations do you have call-out availability, and how quickly can your towing company respond?

We are accessible for any local work in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath counties. Our services are available in Dublin’s Crumlin, Tallaght, Dundrum, Rathgar, Rathmines, Terenure, Blackrock, Stillorgan, Ballsbridge, and Donnybrook districts. In response to call-outs, we can dispatch our truck in as little as 35 minutes. Our tow truck may be dispatched to any location on the island of Ireland. We frequently receive requests to tow a car from Cork to Dublin, Dublin to Galway, or even Belfast to Limerick.

4- What types of vehicles do you have experience with?

We can tow and recover any type of vehicle, including cars, SUVs, vans, and light commercial vehicles. Because we have the knowledge and experience to deal responsibly with valuable and rare vehicles, we also aid with the recovery of motorcycles and historic cars.

5- Can you give me an example of a normal day at Tow Truck Ireland?

Our drivers work in shifts because we provide a 24-hour service. When our drivers start their shift, they do a series of internal and external routine checks on the truck. A typical day for us would begin with call-outs in the morning, be quiet at lunchtime, and then pick up after 2 or 3 p.m. with calls from cars who have broken down and require assistance. Even though the nights are normally peaceful, we may receive one or two calls per night. The driver clocks out at the end of the shift and can go home to relax.

6- What inspections and processes do you go through when you reach at a call-out site before you may start working on securing the vehicle?

The first thing we do when we arrive is turn on all of the hazard lights on the tow truck. We can go out and see if the driver needs any medical assistance after all of the lights are turned on and the truck is safely parked. Before we do anything, we check the car’s condition — does it start? Are the wheels turning or are they stuck? Before we begin, we must ensure that all people have exited the vehicle. We put a special hook under the car to begin pulling it once all of the checks have been completed. We secure all four wheels with special straps once we’re in position on the trailer, and we’re ready to go.

7- Can you tell us about some of the most valuable cars you’ve towed?

The most valuable car, in my opinion, was a 2016 Bentley Continental GTS V8. The car was in good working order; all it needed was transportation from Dublin to Donegal for one of our customers. When it comes to historic cars, we have the most odd occupations. When loading, transporting, and unloading vintage cars, more care and attention are required. They could be extremely old or in poor shape.

8- What is the most difficult task?

When you work in towing and recovery for more than ten years, you realize that the most difficult part of the job is getting a call to rescue cars from a car accident. This is due to the fact that you never know what to anticipate when you arrive. What was the severity of the car accident? How long will it take for the road to be cleared? Will you have to close down the entire road? Will the Gardai be called in? plus a lot more…

9- What aspects of your job do you love the most?

Our work is demanding, and you’ll need to be well-versed in order to succeed. But, as bizarre as it may sound, I enjoy my job because I adore watching people’s faces light up when I arrive to assist them with their issues. It’s also wonderful to work near cars.

10- What should our readers check for when picking a towing company?

It’s easy to find a towing company these days, but it’s also easy to obtain shoddy service from a company that isn’t registered or fully insured. My recommendation to drivers in need of towing and recovery is to contact a reputable company that is adequately insured and qualified to handle the service. From the call-out, check the price of the service and the estimated arrival time. A low-cost company may not be as professional as one that charges more. Inquire if you may pay by card with no contact information to reduce risk during this Coronavirus outbreak. And always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always,

11- How would you like to see your towing company grow and develop over the next few years?

For our customers, we always give it our all. Because satisfied consumers are a step closer to success.

We hope to extend our fleet of tow trucks in the future, as well as add more friendly and skilled drivers and operators. We also intend to develop other branches in places such as Cork, Galway, and Limerick…

We’d also like to expand our relationships with insurance firms.

12- Do you have any suggestions for people who get trapped on the side of the road?

The most important thing to remember in this situation is to be safe. If at all possible, the driver should park the car as quickly as possible in a safe location. Make sure the danger and side lights are turned on. Wear a high-visibility vest if you have one. If at all possible, the driver and passengers should keep as far away from the car as feasible. If the breakdown occurs on a major or minor highway, staying in the car is the safest option. If the breakdown occurred on a highway, do not post any warning devices, such as a triangle, on the highway because it is potentially harmful. Place your car on the hard shoulder. You should park as far to the left as possible. If you are unable to do so, take precautions to alert other motorists, such as turning on your hazard warning lights. On the highway, do not stroll. Make sure you exit by the left-hand door and that your passengers do as well. Leave animals in the vehicle or keep them under control on the edge in an emergency. Never attempt to do repairs on the road. Immediately contact a breakdown service provider!